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Shane Suffriti

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Artist Profiles

                       Elizabeth Banker
Artist Statement

“Painting is a practice I hold in high regard. I have always been fascinated with the limitless qualities of the universe, the mind, consciousness, spirit and the mystical experience. Art is a fantastic and expressive medium which demonstrates the culture of the spirit. Visionary art, in its communicative capacity, transmits consciousness on a level beyond ordinary thinking. By creating evocative landscapes of humanity, I become open to an infinitely reflective portal of creativity." -Elizabeth Banker

"Shane Suffriti - This Is Love" (Album)
Artwork by Elizabeth Banker & Catlin Buck

"Shane Suffriti - Hot Swappable" (E.P.)
Artwork by Elizabeth Banker

"Shane Suffriti - One Time" (Single)

Artwork by Elizabeth Banker

"Shane Suffriti - Ferrous" (Single)

Artwork by Elizabeth Banker

                Pooch (Michael Pucciarelli)

"Raised on a diet of Ray Harryhausen films, H. P. Lovecraft novels, comics, Walt Disney World and other Florida tourist traps, Pooch paints images that seem to exist in a bizarre afterlife. His art is a visual cocktail of these influences—with a shot of lowbrow culture—shaken and stirred, then served up in a souvenir tiki skull on the Day of the Dead. A self-taught artist, he owes much of his painting skills to over ten years of daily tattooing and drawing."  -Pooch Island

"Atomica Halo" (Album)

Artwork by Pooch

"Shane Suffriti - Singularity" Featuring Jessi Collomb (Single)

Artwork by Pooch