Shane Suffriti

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     "Over the past 12 years I have helped dozens of  musicians hone in their skills to make higher quality music in many genres." -Shane Suffriti


Production (Song Writing): I will listen to your current demo's and give you notes on how to make your music sound louder and cleaner before Mastering. I have a detailed library of notes I will share with you. They are full of helpful tips like understanding which frequencies you should boost and ones you can remove to clean up the mix, as well as how to set up your studio for maximum efficiency. For beginners, this is more then enough information to keep you creating high quality music for years.
Rates: $5/Song (2 Song minimum to unlock the library of notes)

AUDIO MIXING: It gets to be tedious work trying to find the balance, not only in your mix but also the room you are working in. Are you annoyed every time you listen to your new song on a different sound system and it doesn't sound anything like it did in the studio?! I can help relieve that stress by taking over your mixing problems. Send me the stems and I will give you back a louder and cleaner mix then you ever imagined possible. 
Rates: $25/hr

 MASTERING: Mastering is its own art form all together. The mastering process is an important one. We want to maximize every ounce of volume output so your music bumps as hard as the top Artists do. Getting a solid mix can be tough but the rewards after mastering a song with a good mix is what makes your music stand out above the rest.
  •  I will work with you during this process and allow you to fix mistakes I might uncover in the mastering process. There is no limit on time.
  • If you forgot to turn something on/off I will swap out the song and send you the new master at no extra charge.
Rates: $20/Song
     "I offer knowledge based on my experience in various studios with many professional artists/producers, as well as what I learned performing over 1,000 shows in the past 20 years." -Shane Suffriti