Shane Suffriti

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     "Over the past 12 years I have helped dozens of  musicians hone in their skills to make high quality music in many genres." -Shane Suffriti


1. CRITIQUE: I will listen to your current demo's and give you notes on how to make your music sound louder and cleaner before Mastering.
2. MASTERING: I offer good honest rates and will give you 1 re-master if you forgot to turn something on/off.

I like to offer these two services TOGETHER because it is the fastest way to get your music cleaned up and published. I will work with you during this process and allow you to fix any mistakes I uncover in the mastering process. There is no limit on time.

     "I offer knowledge based on my experience in various studios with many professional artists/producers, as well as what I learned performing over 1,000 shows in the past 20 years." -Shane Suffriti